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unspecified<img alt=”unspecified” src=””>PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch – Teal Frost

Play your favorite Nintendo Switch games* like a pro with this officially licensed PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller. Built for comfort during extended gaming sessions, this Bluetooth wireless controller features motion controls, mappable Advanced Gaming Buttons, and standard ergonomic layout. Enjoy up to 30 hours of gameplay with new alkaline batteries** or add your own rechargeable batteries.

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unspecified<img alt=”unspecified” src=””>Advanced Gaming Buttons

Gain a competitive advantage by keeping your thumbs on the analog sticks and mapping actions to two buttons on the back of the controller. There is no app or system settings to configure. Simply hold the program button for two seconds (1) followed by the button you wish to map (2), then select either AGR or AGL (3) to complete the process for quick on-the-fly button mapping.

Key Features:

Wireless freedom

PowerA Wireless controllers free you from being tethered to the console and provide a tangle free gaming experience. Our design is built for comfort during extended gaming sessions using high quality materials. Enjoy up to 30 hours of gameplay with new alkaline batteries (other variables affect play-time) or add your own rechargeable batteries.

  • • Teal translucent color based on N64 funtastic series: Ice
  • • Wireless freedom using Bluetooth 5.0
  • • Features motion controls and mappable Advanced Gaming Buttons
  • • Ergonomic design with standard button layout*
  • • LEDs for player number, button mapping, and low battery warning
  • • Includes two AA batteries for up to 30 hours of gameplay**
  • • Officially licensed from Nintendo
  • • Two Precision tuned analog sticks

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PowerA Quality Promise

At PowerA, our controllers are designed by passionate gamers. Our team has over two decades of experience in the gaming industry designing across all platforms. You will be amazed at the features and quality built into this controller. Finally, you can trust PowerA products to perform since we back our products for 2 years.

Official Licensed Product

This PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller is officially licensed for Nintendo Switch. Always look for this seal when buying video game accessories as confirmation that the product has gone thru Nintendo’s rigorous testing and evaluation process. Products that do not carry this seal may not work at all with your Nintendo system or may have compatibility issues with certain games.

Gaming is better together

Nintendo Switch allows up to 8 controller connections in docked mode, or you can link up to 8 systems together to play in tabletop mode. Compared to Joy-Con controllers, Enhanced Wireless Controllers offer improved accuracy and comfort plus larger buttons. Now that you have a more affordable wireless option available in a variety of colors and designs, pick up one or more, gather your friends, and share the fun.

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* Can be used when Nintendo Switch is docked or undocked. Does not support HD rumble, IR, or Amiibo NFC ** other variables affect play-time

10 reviews for PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch Teal Frost

  1. Erik S.

    I already own two of the official Switch pro controllers, and they’re the best controllers on the planet, but I wanted to deck out my Switch with two more controllers so that my college buddies and I could play Mario Kart 8 DX and Smash Ultimate without breaking the bank. The PowerA enhanced pro controllers are a great option in this situation. They don’t include the HD rumble, motion controls, NFC chip for amiibo, nor are they rechargeable (they run on AAs) but these are very fair compromises for $25-$30 less, so long as you’ve already treated yourself with at least one official Switch pro controller for those epic Breath of the Wild sessions.They don’t feel as solid as the Switch pro controller, but they don’t feel cheap and plasticky either. They’re somewhere in between. The buttons feel good and the triggers feel good too, even if not as smooth as the official pro controller’s. The sticks have a wide range of motion but aren’t as comfortable to rest your thumbs on for extended periods of time. The programmable back buttons are a plus though, especially for programming moves in Smash.Overall, a stylish, well-built controller to add to your Switch collection so that you can enjoy games with others.

  2. Tim the tool man Taylor

    Coming from an xbox to the switch, the controller is really good. Buttons feel okay and the thumb sticks feel very similar to the Xbox one controllers. The left thumb stick doesn’t have as much resistance as the right allowing for smoother directional motion while the right thumb stick has a little more resistance to help get that perfect aim. The remappable buttons on the back are a great addition which I would gladly take over rumble and nfc as I don’t use amiibos and usually turn off rumble features. Some cons I would say are the controller is pretty light and it takes AA batteries. You will save some money buying this controller, but if the pro controller drops down to 50-55 bucks just pick that one up. This is still a great alternative though and something I can easily recommend especially with the remappable buttons. 👌

  3. janna

    Great purchase if you love animal crossing and much easier to use than the joy cons I wanted this cause my dog looks a lot like him haha I’m very happy with this purchase UPDATE there is no rumble in this controller

  4. Loresia

    Omg I love it!! It’s so gorgeous the detail is even better in person, I’m such a huge spyro fan and when I saw this it was a must have for me! Its affordable, works great, and has beautiful designs! Thinking of getting the zelda one as well in the future! I did notice the stick stuck but it’s not the actual stick it just needs to be paired up properly. Once I paired up properly the stick stopped immediately. It doesnt even feel that cheap it feels pretty sturdy. Such a gorgeous controller cant stop staring at it!

  5. PhoenixFG

    I picked up both of the AC: NH controllers(one for me and one for my sister) and she blind picked this one. This is the first controller she’s had(aside from the joycon grip) and she loves it! It definitely helps with the long gaming sessions. The only reason I give it 4.5 is because there’s no rumble effect. Not a deal breaker but it’s a nice touch when playing in handheld mode.

  6. Tommy Z.

    Dead easy to set up, came with a set of batteries so you can use it straight out of the box. The plastic feels quality and the movement of the joysticks is very smooth tacitly. Only had it for a day and considering purchasing another. My only qualm is that the D Pad is set in a bit further on the controller than I’m used to on the Switch. Which would be a selling point for someone with larger hands, but I find the spacing a bit awkward and hard to adjust to. Over all pretty thrilled with this controller and would definitely reccomend.

  7. Amazon Customer

    I purchased one for myself and my boyfriend for our Nintendo Switches. I think the batteries do power through for the 30 hours (we personally have to replace them about every 2-4 weeks depending on gameplay, but I’d rather do this than charge it every night). I don’t mind not having HD rumble, and for Animal Crossing I appreciate it because when you catch a large fish it can be wayyy too much. I also love the 2 extra programmable buttons on the back. I currently have one set to the B button, so I can easily jump in Fortnite and run in ACNH. They sync immediately to my switch. My only con is that the triggers rattle A LOT, but it’s not noticeable when you’re playing. I would 100% purchase these again!

  8. malik

    I am confused as to why people are saying it feels cheap. The weight on the controller is perfectly fine. I don’t think it feels cheap, it’s a perfectly good and working controller with a gorgeous design. If you are using to play animal crossing new horizons, you really are not going to need extraneous play on a controller. I have played acnh with this and it works perfectly fine.

  9. Shawn

    The controller works great and overall feels more comfortable and natural When playing on the TV and isn’t limited by a cord. It was pretty decent price compared to others as well so that is always a benefit. I also really like the art work.

  10. Anthony Cabrera

    I bought this controller along with the Mario version and I must say the controller is awesome. Power A did a fantastic job on these.Pros – really responsive, nice button feels, extra changeable buttons in the back that could be assign to everything other than L3 and R3, awesome paint job.Cons- No Rumbo and amillbo support.Problems and fixes – So it not really a con if you like AA batteries and want to feel like you’re still in the 2000s when we had to change batteries like we did on the Gameboy color. If you hate changing batteries I recommend buying amazon Chargeable batteries which are good and cheap. if the batteries are dying the controller has a blinking light to indicate it’s dying. The controller compared to a pro-controller is kinda hard to pick. if the pro is 60 get the pro. if the pro is 70 get this Power A. OR OR hear me out … flip a quarter and if it’s heads you have to buy this if it’s tails buy the pro. Fun fact – the link version is now my girlfriend controller she loves its vibe.

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