Samsung Galaxy Buds Live (ANC) Active Noise Cancelling TWS Open Type Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds for iOS & Android, 12mm Drivers, International Model – SM-R180 (Mystic Black)

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10 reviews for Samsung Galaxy Buds Live (ANC) Active Noise Cancelling TWS Open Type Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds for iOS & Android, 12mm Drivers, International Model – SM-R180 (Mystic Black)

  1. Jay

    The product was not damaged or anything like that I’ve done my research and have found out that a earbud with that innovation style doesn’t have a tight ear seal so noise cancelling is kinda out of the picture but as for bass boost its a wonderful time

  2. R. Herd

    Bought for college age daughter. She loves them.

  3. Raymond Mendez Jr

    Good on note 20 ultra

  4. Henry Flores secundino

    The picture says it all its a MUSTbuy. Still

  5. Melissa H.

    I love these! The blue color is so beautiful. I have these already in bronze, but I couldn’t pass them up in blue. I listen to a lot of music, and just love the sound quality. They are light in the ears and no ear fatigue when wearing them. Great purchase! Plus if you have the charging pad from you Galaxy buds+ it works with the live buds too.

  6. Ray Finney

    Nice fit sounds good

  7. Tisa D Alcala

    Amazimg! Beautiful and noise cancelation is on point, perfect fit. All around worth the buy.

  8. Telka

    I absolutely love these. The fit beautifully and the sound is amazing.

  9. lauradawn33

    I love these earbuds! I love how they connect to my phone and how much control I have on the app!!!

  10. Jessica

    Love love love!!!The best part, is that they seamlessly pair with everything I use. I have Samsung Galaxy S8 & Active2 smartwatch. They also connect to my Thinkpad laptop for work by turning on the bluetooth in the action center – 2 mouse clicks!!They are great for MS Teams, Skype for business, annnddd also work (mostly) with my Avaya softphone software at work! My job is very fast, and I even use virtual desktops bc 3 monitors isn’t enough. Lol.I am not on the phone allllll day …. But I have only had them run out of battery on me once, and it was because I didn’t realize that they weren’t fully charged when I got to work. So I did not charge them during downtime between calls.Sometimes when switching from USB headset to Galaxy Buds Live.. the program does get a little confused. It is a really easy fix as I have already paired my buds so I just have to click the bluetooth button on Windows 10 again.I really like that they have a Spotify button but it’s frustrating that you can only do volume up or volume down in sync with each other. I would really like to put Spotify on one earbud for tapping and volume down on the other earbud… it does not allow that customization. Also it only connects with Bixby which is probably the worst of the voice activated apps and does not allow Google Assistant and so when I am looking to launch Google Assistant it listens through my phone microphone instead of the earbuds. This is frustrating because I sometimes have my phone in my purse and so Google will not hear me. Once I am connected to the app I go to my regular keyboard as if I were to text and hit the microphone that works perfectly fine.The work around to this is to have a Bluetooth visor speaker in my older car as a peripheral device. Just have to drop the earbuds back in the box, close the lid, and voila it connects with the peripheral speaker.I am not the most accurate with the tapping and I do adjust the earbuds in my ears quite a bit still due to having funny shaped ear ridges. I am a very fidgety person so this doesn’t really have much to do with the earbuds themselves. I went ahead and blocked the touches for this reason.It took a minute to learn how they fit most comfortably I did have to invest in some of the knockoff silicone caps as the bottom of my inner ear is larger than the top. It just takes some getting used to overall but now that I know how to insert them correctly they no longer hurt the inside of my ears. If you are in pain and using the smallest wingtips then you are likely inserting the buds incorrectly… go watch a video. I find that I can tell if they’re inserted correctly from the sound quality and clarity when properly adjustedI have a very busy schedule and have to take calls on the fly. I keep these in my front purse pocket. I pop em out of the case, into my ears, as I’m answering the call and voila! the caller can hear me right away.It’s great bc I have 2 small children and getting tangled in wires while on conference calls is soooo annoying.Overall I am extremely impressed with the sound quality including the equalizer function on the Galaxy wearable app as well as the noise canceling features. I can be very picky about how my music sounds so I was delighted to find out how impressive these are. I am told that the sound does not seep out of my ears and bother other people. These earbuds have increased my productivity and efficiency. I am able to quick switch them between devices and apps.I think you’ll love them too!

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