: Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 16GB (10.1-Inch, White) (Renewed)

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10 reviews for : Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 16GB (10.1-Inch, White) (Renewed)

  1. dtcm2003

    I bought this to replace an original iPad. Comparatively speaking, this device is faster, lighter, slimmer, and the display is sharper. I’m not platform clingy so I don’t care if I’m using an Apple product or an Android product. I put the same apps that I had on my iPad on this thing and zoom! This sucker is fast. For $239 I simply could not beat it. 100% satisfied.

  2. M Edenburn

    I thoroughly searched the internet for tablet that would work well with my college assignments. I was slightly concerned buying a refurbished tablet, but I have done it before so I was not quite as nervous. There are a few dings that aren’t noticeable unless you are searching as I was. This tablet is clear, bright and easy to use. I paired it with a case and keyboard and it is perfect for doing my homework on a compact unit. Would definitely suggest this tablet.

  3. Sandra Kennedy

    I went through a couple of tablets, but I wanted this one all along…..however, I couldn’t afford this one. offered this “refurbished ” tablet, (which I was completely against!!)…….but, at this point I said to myself “just pull this trigger, it’s an affordable price ” I couldn’t be more pleased with this particular tablet!!!

  4. Crystal Sawning

    Like straight off the factory floor

  5. Mark Waite

    Worked great. Delivered in good condition, ready to use, and quick to start.

  6. J. S. Harris

    I like this tablet quite a bit. The stereo speakers are a nice touch, and this tablet has a IR blaster, so you could (in theory) use it as a remote control. It took a little getting used to the “landscape” layout of the screen, but I prefer it for Samsung tablets, as the “portrait” style ones end up having a lot of extra button presses when you’re grabbing the edge of the screen.

  7. Harlow Blodgett

    Basd n the negative reviews, I was leary at first. Decided to take a chance. Arrived on time. Looks like new. Battery lasts all day. Does everything it’s supposed to. Saved $ over a new one. Had it for a week now. If things change, I’ll update. For now, it’s great.

  8. Gail Lynn

    I’m a full-time student and can’t afford a fancy MAC book like most student bring into class. So, I’ve purchased this to bring in to class so I can take notes on it and download my textbooks on it.PROS:Perfect conditionBright, crisp colorsQuick boot up & shut downDecent battery lifeHolds a mini SD cardCONS:Doesn’t come with owner’s manualDoesn’t come with original chargerAsks for SIM card every time it’s bootedWith that said, I absolutely love it! Since this is a refurbished device I was concerned I’d get one with scratches or dings, but mine was like new and in perfect condition! Like I said, the colors are crisp and bright and it boots up quickly. Perfect for movies and gaming! It boots up and shuts down quickly. Like I said, I use it for classes so I don’t have the time for a slow boot up device; I need something quick! The battery life is decent. I can use it for a steady 6-8 hours (depending on what I’m using it for) before it dies and needs to be plugged in. It has room for a mini SD card for people who like to store movies, photos, music, books, games, etc. The stores 16GB and an additional 64GB mini SD card would provide you with A LOT of storage!Keep in mind, it is refurbished so it didn’t come in the original packaging with an owner’s manual or the original charger. That said, I would suggest getting a better charger when purchasing this because the charger is does come with charges the device really slowly. For example, I got it in the mail at noon and it was already 50% charged. I plugged it in with the charger it came with and by 9:00PM it was only 65% charged after 9 hours! I wasn’t even playing with it while it was charging! Another annoying thing it is supported by U.S. cellular. It doesn’t need a plan BUT it does ask for a SIM card.

  9. CDS

    Purchased for daughter who really loved electronics and tech, this was well refurbished

  10. me

    My number one tablet….actually co #1 as I have two of them, along with an iPad 2nd gen. I use one in a gooseneck tablet holder, attached to the headboard of our bed, the other is my portable computer. What I like about the Samsungs is that I can use a blue tooth keyboard folio and mouse with them and, along with a micro SD card, something you can’t use in an iPad, and the cloud, gives me more than enough storage space. I have Word, Excel, One Note and Power Point on it. I have a voice recorder app on it and used it for class, recording the lectures while taking notes on it. It’s basically a very thin, very light 10″ netbook. The screen definition is more than fine, the sound is ok, but the battery is only so-so, at least compared to the iPad. Speaking of the iPad, why do I have it if I like my Tabs so much, you might be wondering? Facts are facts, Apples are more secure than Androids, so I use the iPad for transactions, but for everything else, it’s my Samsungs.

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