– Shark Rocket Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum (Renewed) (IX140 Orange) –

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10 reviews for – Shark Rocket Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum (Renewed) (IX140 Orange) –

  1. Carol

    Wood floor

  2. wolf

    holds charge for a long time-way more than dyson

  3. Shakirah Shabazz

    This is just what I needed to replace my heavy, out-of-date, difficult to move around, vacuum cleaner. It picks up well, charges quickly, holds a charge well, and empties easily. Now everyone in the house vacuums, not just me!

  4. Forrest A.

    This was a gift for my 90 year old mother. She no longer could pull her canister vacuum because of the weight and tripping over cord. This has been a blessing and given her back some independence!!! This is awesome!

  5. Dennis

    I’m happy with my Rocket vacuum. Works well on carpet and hardwood floors. I love that it’s cordless!!!

  6. Amazon Customer

    The floors in our house are laminate and tile, with large area rugs in some rooms. This vac works like a champ on bare floors and on our low-pile area rugs (not sure how well it will do on deep pile/shag rungs however). It holds a good charge for half an hour or so, which is more than enough vacuuming for me in one stretch (I have back problems and hip problems, so can’t really keep at it any longer than that anyway), The rod and head attachment works well, and I really like the lighting it provides; our floors and rungs are relatively dark, so this vac allows you to pick up hard-to-see stuff. It’s nice and light weight, and being cordless, you don’t have to dance around the cord or hunt for places where you can plug in. It’s light-weight and small enough so you can vacuum under beds, tables, easy chairs, etc without having to move the furniture. It has 3 “suck” settings — one for bare floors (where the brush doesn’t rotate and thus throw bits and pieces around, one for low-pile carpets, and a “supersuck” mode for problem areas where that’s needed (note: if you’re an enthusiastic vacuumer and and love to keep going for a long time, be aware that your battery won’t last as long between charges that way … )Also, besides the regular vac wand and head, there are two attachments that you can use for hand-vac (brush attachment for cleaning upholstery, flat slanted nozzle for getting into tight cracks and corners).The only negative I can think of is the dust cup; it’s a bit cumbersome to open and clean out, and you have to dis-assemble the vacuum (take off the rod or other attachment) in order to empty it, AND the way it falls open for emptying can catch you unawares … if you’re not centered perfectly over the waste can to accommodate that, you’ll end up dumping stuff back on the floor next to the waste can. Seems like that could be designed better …All in all, very happy with this purchase so far …,

  7. Susie in Gilbert AZ

    I love this thing. Lightweight, powerful and easy to use, clean and store.

  8. michael russo

    Also great for carpet floor.

  9. Gertrude Dougherty

    I light the light weight vacuum are use this with my business customers and the performance was excellent

  10. Tiffany

    This vacuum is so lightweight and does a great job of picking up!

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